About Us

SoCal Candle Rentals was created from a need!

A Mother-Daughter Team

SoCal Candle Rentals was created from a need that Mindy needed fulfilled when planning her recent wedding. Her vision was a room filled with cylinder vases and candles that was so romantic it didn’t need anything else. Mindy collected over 1000 clear cylinder vases, votives and tea lights and her vision became reality. She wished though that someone had been available to coordinate all the candles, deliver and pick up. After the wedding, Haley, a marketing and graphic design major created a business, website and social media platform to meet the candle needs of the community.

Woman in a blue jumpsuit sitting on table


 Mom, wife, business owner and nuclear medicine technologist (yep that’s a thing), Mindy enjoys spending time with her kiddos, hubby and their dog Nash. (Also a candle lover).

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Student, daughter, friend and full time go-getter, Haley loves the beach, boxing and her family. You will find her behind the lens and always fixing her moms social media messes.