About Us

 We are creative candle specialists dedicated to making your wedding or event unforgettable. We offer a wide selection of candles and accessories to make your celebration uniquely yours!

A Mother-Daughter Team

When Mindy started planning her own wedding, she was unsatisfied with the options she could find for candle rental services. Throughout her planning journey, she collected thousands of cylinder vases, votives and tea lights to make her wedding vision come to life. Following her wedding she took this experience as a sign to not only help herself but other couples in the future and decided to create SoCal Candle Rentals. Through this service, couples now have access to high quality candles glowing for their special event without any of the stress and time typically spent on buying or renting candles. Mindy and her daughter, Haley, have created a professional and helpful service that is designed to make things easier for couples on the most important day of their life.

About Mindy

Mindy has always had a love for candles and anything that glows. After working as a nuclear medicine technologist for many years, she decided to start her own business helping clients make their special events shine. Her favorite wedding look is one that features as many candles as possible with small floral accents, creating the perfect warm and romantic ambiance. Once those candles are lit, you can find her taking in that moment when the wedding couple sees everything come together for the first time!  When she isn’t helping clients create unforgettable memories, Mindy enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and dog, Nash.

About Haley

 Haley is a beach enthusiast and the marketing go-to for SoCal Candle Rentals. You will see her helping to set up events, updating our website, behind the camera taking photos of our work and always fixing her mom’s social media messes! When it’s time to light the candles, you can expect Haley beaming with pride as clients become overwhelmed by their awe-inspiring candlelit surroundings.

Why you should work with us?

No Hassle

We take care of everything for you, from helping design your candle displays to set up and clean up.

Unique Wax

Our granulated wax candles are eco-friendly and produce beautiful, consistent flames.


Our candles will not be an afterthought for us, but rather the centerpiece of your event.


We understand the logistics of putting together a flawless candle display and what size candles will look best for your setup and photos. 

Less Waste

We reuse materials whenever possible, creating less waste than traditional candle rental companies or purchasing the candles on your own.


We have a vast array of candle sizes and holders to choose from, as well as the ability to customize wax colors. Our candles are customized specifically for each event and space.