Our Candles

Fairy dust and floating candles make your event magic!

Why we use Premium Granulated Wax

SoCal Candle Rentals specializes in providing the perfect ambiance for your special event! You can customize one of our candle rental packages to fit any size gathering, from intimate weddings with 30 guests to large corporate galas! Our customizable packages have easy to reach minimum orders; making it easy to downscale or upscale depending on your needs. Our collection includes premium granulated wax candles (in heights ranging from 6”-31″), floating candles, pillars, long stemmed cylinder vases, taper candles, and more. Transform any space into something truly magical with SoCal Candle Rentals – creating unforgettable experiences that are sure to wow your guests!

  • Clear Votives
  • Tea Lights
  • 6″ cylinder – 31″ cylinder vases
  • Long Stemmed Cylinder Vases 
  • Granulated candle wax available in a white, black and custom colors
  • Traditional Pillar Candles and Floating Candles on request
  • Taper Candles with hurricane tubes

Why we use Premium Granulated Wax

 SoCal Candle Rentals utilizes 100% Premium Granulated Wax! These high-quality, slow-burning candles provide a stunning display of quality and beauty. Each candle is expertly filled with fine “beads” for a consistent burn that lasts from beginning to end – ideal for any special occasion! Granulated wax candles also give your vessels a more full appearance, allowing the decor in your wedding photos to stand out rather than fade into the background. And, with a built-in self-extinguishing safety feature, you can rest assured that your guests will be safe and your venue will be protected in the event of an accidental spill.

Why rent candles vs buy them? 

Effortless Sourcing:

Avoid having to source from multiple vendors or stores by renting all of our candles from us.

Pricing Perks:

We price candles based on quantity rather than size. That means you’ll pay the same price for a 31″ candle as a 6″ candle, allowing you to fulfill your vision of large-sized candles while saving money!

Expert Candle Staging:

We are candle staging experts! When you buy candles, you’ll need to find someone trusted to set them up, light them, extinguish them and pack them away. Having reliable experts handle this important detail on your big day will help ensure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy a stress-free celebration.

Save Time:

It takes time to buy and prepare candles. You must not only find companies that sell the appropriate size vases and candles, but you also should consider the time it will take you to clean them for your event, set them up, break them down, and remove the wax so you can sell the vase.

Love Note

“SoCal Candle Rentals is amazing and I am so happy I found them! Renting was such a great option because as the bride/groom, we didn’t have to worry about having all these candles in our garage for weeks or having to buy them from all these different places. It was so easy to have them coordinate with our venue to have them dropped off and picked up. I I know how hard of a time it can be trying to buy a bunch of candles, so I recommend you skip the hassle and rent from these amazing ladies!”